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David Montenegro – Big Boast, But No Need To Fly Off The Handle!

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Big claim.

But if you see the gift he made for Mimi aka Chopin27’s birthday, you’ll see his point:

The Broom Arena has always been rather shitty in the game – that fence around it making it look more like a playpen.

But with our Dave’s rug, you can finally use this in the game without it looking so crap.

All there is to see is a tiny unobtrusive cross in the ground!

Well done, that Simmer – excellent work there.

And oh, happy birthday Mimi-Chopin27!


It’s All In The Interpretation We Suppose

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If there’s one universal truth, it is if shit became valuable the poor would be born without arseholes  one person’s beauty may be another person’s beast.

Take for example the following from the recently returned to Simming (after real life baby duties – really, these people who actually think there’s more important things to be doing than making custom content!) Sim Portraits:

Erm, nice.


Here’s Classic Cupid’s description:


‘freckled baby face beauty… She lights up the room’.

Yeah, baby face as in Baby Face Nelson maybe. As for lights up the room, more likely by chucking a Molotov cocktail through your window!

To us, she looks like someone that would mug your granny, but each to their own – if interested go hit the link about.