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Barnacle Bay Is Now Free Booty In The EA Store? Not Quite

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But nice try, Avatarit, even if you made Wendyyi1’s avatar sad:

As Igazor and Karritz explained, it was that age old story of EA screwing up again:

Waterdragon and PalmArrow have also been able to take advantage when the advantage presented itself:

Someone feeling a mug however is Coco, whereas 5782341b77vl (oh how we loathe typing that!) feels she’s been mugged!

Resident Sprout Gitte2001 glitched her way to success, but for TreyNutz it simply sucked having to wait for the special offers:

BlackSand meanwhile felt that Igazor was talking out of his arrrrrrs:

As Karritz says, t’is good for some deep sea plundering, so it is!

Whilst ElenorBreton sweettalked her way into a sweet deal:

As for CravenLestat (you knew he’d turn up if there was some steaming hawt Coco around!)…

… he’s always in search of the booty!


Cloverstardropper Presents Sharkloverplayer With The Ultimate Challenge

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The Sims, original series, hottubbing with your hot large breasted women, in the woods.

See? Never did that one, did you?


Confirmation: Aarin aka ZenMachineGun Is Okay

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She’s reappeared on Steam on Thursday 4th May.

We can only assume whatever matter had caused her to vanish for over a year (we’ll guess finances) has now been resolved.

Welcome back to unreality, Great Knit – you’re a granny munching Coco baiting monster, but you’re our little granny munching Coco baiting monster!