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KatyJay88 Wants To Party Poop Those Gatecrashers

Posted in Uncategorized on May 9, 2017 by themaresnest

With the end of term in sight for many, how appropriate there should be a thread for those planning a celebration or two, albeit in this case in their Sims 3 games:

Hmmm, the usual British method is to immediately offer them anything with Advocaat in it – the alcoholic’s custard usually sends them packing. The same effect can be found in Simming by offering them any nectar made by Lauryl (particularly the halibut with a hint of mackerel).


Shaddup, Lauryl!

As ever, Igazor came up with the answer, with as ever an NRaas tinge:

Mikezumi also threw her tuppenceworth in…

… omitting to mention that what determines whether Mikezumi would ‘rather were not there’ is down to how male and hawt they are.