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For Duck’s Sake, TreyNutz! Ninety One Of Them? Give It Up, You Wannabe Taffer! (As For Craven Lestat…)

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Well a straightjacket and a padded cell come top of our suggestions for you.

Don’t encourage him, Gitte2001!

Too late – before you could blink, out came dozens of ideas of what to do with all those rubber ducks.

Some like LaBlue0314’s were amazing…

… and some like Jessa_Dakkar and Igazor’s made us wonder whether some have been on the bubble blowers too much recently.

You want duck soup, Jessa_Dakkar? Sounds like a load of horse feathers to us, but how about this?

As for something no one would mind having ninety one of, you could always sell them as a job lot Igazor to Boolprop Fight The Addiction False for the Taffers to make Palmer altars to. You know what they’re like! You could even drop a line in the EA forum to their latest moderator Cororon (Simpletons and the minus Zeri pirate version having both long bit the dust, or should that be slimy towel?) and sell them as a job lot.

That said, Candyd and TreyNutz however quite liked Igazor’s suggestion of changing the script class:

Moonandstars83 meanwhile was trying to sneak in a few sly Potter references to go with the Palmer ones:

Igazor and Jessa_Dakkar’s were slightly more inflammatory?

Of course you put a smoke alarm in your bathroom, Igazor? What happens if you’re burning burgers on the bathroom barbeque? Duh!


JoAnne65 however has plans for the ultimate armada, to the approval of the voice of NRaas Industries and Pary from the World Explorers it seems:


(And 5782341b77vl. Oh how we loathe typing that one out – it’s like when bloody companies ask you for the long number on your freaking bank card, followed by the sixth and ten letters of your secret password, followed by letting them know what’s the measurements of your biggest Pokemon monster…)

Pancakesandwich meanwhile seems to be short of one for a picnic:

But the looniest idea of the lot went to – who else? – CravenLestat:

Satanic duck rituals? Is that so you can inflict your enemies with a mallard-y?