Lazy Game Reviews Socks (Wear Them With Your Joy Division Oven Gloves?)

No Phreakendee, of course you don’t look utterly disturbing in that picture.

And socks with an attempted woodchip pattern which kind of makes them look a bit like sawn off stockings. Mmmmm, okay.

Apparantly they are eco-friendly, made out of bamboo and duct tape blended with the sperm of a thousand wanked Japanese snow monkeys. Or something like that.

Still, if any of you want these, you can go here – not like he really needs the money having sold his immortal Simming soul for EA largesse, but if you want to get your grandparents or some other relative you don’t care a flying Palmer about a novelty present which will make no sense to anyone but you, or want to post them to Jessamine Diane with your request which soap dodging Health Professions Council social services employee you’d most like her to strangle (old joke time…) well you’ve eight days to put your order in.

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