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Mazakeen’s Spot Of Bother

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Erm, perhaps your Simmies need to start wearing incontinence pants?

CravenLestat tried to help, probably because Mazakeen’s vamp avatar looks like it’s ‘having a moment of ecstacy’ (ahem!) and he knows when he’s on to a good thing potentially…

Fun? What would be fun about working for a bunch of Wonkas?

Simasaurus1 was able meanwhile to stop Mazakeen’s game from leading her a merry dance:

Better late than never, here comes the obligatory Igazor input:

and that from Karritz…

… which Karritz are equally as revolting as the little black balls cats tend to leave behind sometimes after spending the afternoon cleaning themselves (and often one minute after consuming an entire sachet of Moggie Yum faster than the speed of light) – and which tend to be equally revolting to remove!

Turned Out A Nice Monday After All

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Good riddance to bad rubbish – Nazi loving, cat torturing, child murdering scumbag who wasn’t even worth bringing back capital punishment for.

Satan and all your little imps, do your duty – and with gusto.