KatyJay88 Wants Rid Of Those Party Poopers

As ever, Igazor had a mod for that from you know where!

But in a comic twist, we saw one of the rare occasions when someone else actually knew something about an NRaas mod he did not:

Clicks? You’re meant to be a bloody Taffer nowadays, Cororon, not a Kurshok!

Anyway, get back to moderating Boolprop Fight The Addiction False like you’re supposed to be doing, you towel chewing turnip!

Igazor, knowing when he was onto a good thing, tried to impress with how much more satisfying he could make it when she pressed her buttons.

For Sindocat however, fiddling with buttons was the least of her worries:


Never mind Sindocat, you could always have a real idiot wrecking your party…


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