Jemkatk Wonders What’s The Worst Simmie Ever?

We’d say a large chunk of the cast we’ve used for Raiders must be in with a shout of the top ten!

CravenLestat has a nomination of his own:

Yeah, studly barely begins to cover it!

Hmmm, like Donald Trump, TinySpaceFox?

Nikkei_Simmer meanwhile came down in favour of CravenLestat’s choice.

AnthonyDyer brought up the one name we were expecting at the start, albeit more to do with Sims 2 than Sims 3.

Although DonnaBailey would opt for JaredFrio:

IreneSwift meanwhile is not so much star struck as wanting to strike a star…

No prizes for guessing however which is the most unpopular NPC!

Yes, the farce of law and order, who couldn’t catch a cold.

Trust 5782341b77vl though to trump it!


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