Ikiamyetta’s Thread Went Ever So Slightly Wrong…

When you see this on a thread…

… you just know there’s one hell of a trainwreck up ahead.

Although when you are being lampooned by BatmanFanGirl maybe you ought to have thought twice about what you posted to begin with, which was a criticism of people asking for stuff in old version of the Sims series for the new one.

It also ought to be pointed out that the thread had originally been in the Sims 4 section of the EA forum, but as so often happens, the bumnuggets running the EA forum think it a good idea to move any promising anti-Sims 3 agitation into the Sims 3 section, for reasons only best known to their therapists.

Which explains why the likes of Sk8rblaze, whose evangelism for the Glitterturd was to swiftly come back to bite him shortly after release, were involved in the proceedings:

As Huiiie_07 put it, so often the creation of new content for a new version of the Sims series is an exercise in that old Aesop fable about when the Miller and his son attempted to please everyone, they ended up losing their ass.


No, not in that sense of the word! Don’t worry Simmers, Zieniet’s dreaded Underdog Motorcycle Club isn’t back!

As Candyd agreed, part of the problem with the Sims series is a certain sense of running out of ideas as much as wanting to revisit the tried and tested because it’s what the paying public wants.

Anyway, just as matters appeared to be fairly vanilla, along came Rflong7 and wowsers was she in no mood for taking prisoners!

With Igazor and JoAnne65 declaring them to be hardcore Sims 3 orientated, Rflong7 felt that people were missing the point.

Ikiamyetta was by now heading for the exit, only to find the forum’s resident loony Sprout and one of the ‘hardcore’ going into Jaqen H’ghar mode:

And as Aricarai’s post demonstrated, tempers were starting to shorten.

Get your tin hats on now, because Rflong7 is just about to open the can!


She was a little less snappy and more analytic later:

But from then on, it was downhill, with new arrivals Uzone27 and BlackSand at loggerheads straight from the off:

Meanwhile DivineOwl was giving Ikiamyetta a hard time as JoAnne65 pointed out that both sections were as bad as each other when it comes to latent bias:

Whilst Rflong7/13 was being asked some leading questions by Simgirl1010 who obviously wasn’t around back in the Yibsims days!

For Deshong04, new items for any version of the Sims series is all very well if there is a strong enough base game to justify it.

Nikkei_Simmer and Nickibitsward tagged teamed their dismissal of the Glitterturd:

Mazakeen joined in to reiterate the long held reason why Sims 4 has been such a disappointment:

‘Since the beginning of computergames, there must either be innovation, consistency or improvement. Prefferably all three. In my opinion, TS4 breaks with all three of these ‘rules’.’


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