Mallymaks aka Maks Bee Is Buzzing Off In Search Of Some Midnight Sun

Definitely a time of the year thing, you can tell it’s summer a coming in because you get Simmers getting the notion to doing a Midnight Sun challenge:

Ever since Gurra (Gurra09) of the much, much missed Custom Sims invented the concept for his tiny Isle of Midnight Sun back in June 2011, there’s always been someone the moment the weather turns permanently nice wanting to live out their fantasies of hot rays and lazy days.

In this case young Mallymaks of the EA forum aka Maks Bee over on the Sims Community forum appears to be first out of the blocks this year – let’s see how she gets on.


♫ Oh, ain’t you glad that we live in an island – you can choose your own way of being killed! You can jump off a cliff and get drowned in the sea, or be dashed against the rocks and get split! ♪

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