Quelle Surprise! Lazy Game Reviews’ Phreakindee Gives Whitewash Review Of Sims 4 Parenthood From EA After Getting Free Copy (Ho Hum!)

‘Review code provided by EA.’

To be blunt, part of the review reads like those Simguru bumnuggets Graham Nardone and cunts co scripted it, considering the over obsession with embarrassing bodily functions which seem more akin to their own senses of what passes as humour than Phreakindee’s.

Oh our aching sides. Wit so razor sharp, you could almost slit your wrists by it.

Phreakindee goes to some extent to explain how much the actions of the parents on the kids do have lasting consequences on their development and skills as they age, before admitting he’s not played any kid right through to adult to see how true this is and admitting that it has no bearing on what opportunities they have as adults. In other words he’s reading off what he’s been told by EA rather than finding out for himself, which is the whole idea of doing a game review in the first place.

You also sometimes get your ungrateful brats asking questions which are either trivial or will have consequences for their development.

He does however make one barb before giving it yet another gushing thumbs up, and that’s other outside influences appear to have minimal influence on a child’s development. No ‘falling in with the wrong crowd and drinking nectar down the local park or graveyard’ here. Like, whatever!

‘If you are really into the idea of enhanced parenting possibilities.’

Meh! We’d sooner indulge in even pancake possibilities than this crap.


But for the benefit of any of you wanting to watch this for yourselves, go knock yourselves out:

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