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Will Ériu Fé Have Irish Eyes Smiling, Or Will It Be Another Load Of Old Blarney?

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Frankie of Shiny Happy People, er we mean Simply Imaginary People has got a new world.

Very pretty it is too.

It is a medium world size containing about twenty five community lots including (deep breath) a Townhall/Military/Police, Journalism combie (hmmm, having those four in the one place smacks something of a fascist/communist state!), Pub (well it is Irish!), the obligatory Hospital/Science Lab combie, a Gym, a Firestation, a Grocery/Arcade/Cinema combie, Parks, Pool, Beach, Campgrounds and tonnes more.

There are twenty six fully built residential lots awaiting residents, and three empty lots for building – most are on hillsides.

Here’s the backstory:

Only a few miles off the coast of Ireland lies a small, hilly Island. With its name meaning Abundance or Land of Fairies, it became known in history for sad past and magical powers. In the times of witch hunts, it was considered bad luck to kill a witch on your own land, as it would sour the earth. Ériu Fé became the Island where witches were drowned, hunted, and banished. Superstition believes, that all this magical blood shed gave the water its own power and that the island was cursed. Few put foot on it, but it became home to those who fled, who were different, and who never fit in anywhere else. Ériu Fé became a place of refuge and soon a thriving little community filled with stories, fairytales, odd characters, and a lot of charm.

Sounds like some sort of bloody hippy commune – has that Mike Scott of the Waterboys gone and bought some island off Eire and gone back to pretending to be Irish again?


The one worry we have is the amount of custom content allegedly within it, which could prove a deal buster to some – however as it is only in the beta stage we’ll have to wait and see what reports others have.

The other gripe is the lack of any overall screenshot of the world as a whole, rather than titbits of its best sides. We for one prefer a ‘map’ type shot so we can see what sort of world we are getting.

Anyway, one to put on the prospective want list once the beta testing is finished,


FredBrenny’s BRILLIANT Chateau Meringue

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FredBrenny’s been producing a lot of very good lots for Sims 3 for ages – we have waxed lyrical about her/him/whatever before – but this one really is a triumph even by him/her/its standards.

It is dependent on a fair old bit of CycloneSue’s custom content (but you expected that, didn’t you?) but it is worth it for the final effect:

As you’ve probably guessed, it takes up a 50 by 50 lot and has a lovely little lake next to it taking up a fair part of the space, but the castle itself has five bedrooms (and three bathrooms – so highly suitable for an incontinent!)

For those of you wanting to get this little beauty, here’s where to go (yes it is The Sims Resource – for plumbob’s sake if that still freaks you out please grow a pair!).


World Explorer Pary’s Finding Too Many Traits Aren’t Treats (But Gitte2001 Tells Her To Suck It And See)

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Pary was having a problem with a Simmie being assigned some extra unwanted traits.

She came to the EA forum seeking help and guidance from a sympathetic ear and astute mind.

Ah well Pary, better luck next time!


Now you know Pary why we voted for Brexit!


Whilst Gitte2001 was in full jobsworth mode, TreyNutz and AthenaOnyx did their best:

But you just knew that an NRaas mod would come up in the solutions long before TadOlson (who else!) suggested it along with Simasaurus09.

But in this case, not even the mighty NRaas can help, and – horror upon horrors! – if it don’t dang it all that Igazor declared that Gitte2001 had it right after all, although TadOlson suggested another way around it:

One of us needs to go to the opticians by the way after initially mistaking Igazor saying ‘I often hand out Vegetarian’ for ‘I often hand out Viagra’. Either that or a psychiatrist.


CravenLestat Attempts To Cheer MyCami21 Up In Bizarre Fashion

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Suppose it could have been worse – he could have been whipping something else entirely back and forth for MyCami21 (on the other hand, it may have given her a good laugh!).

Supernatural Or Showtime? No Contest Surely (Except For JoAnne65!)

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Ah, come on, this one isn’t even a contest!

Supernatural with all its new goodies and an excellent world in Moonlight Falls, or the novelty soon wearing off Showtime (plus crappy Simport which swiftly proved more trouble than it was worth)?

Not really a contest is it? Look at what Imdragonit, 1need4kaffee and Marstinson have said: who in their right mind is going to chose anything other than Showtime?

Oh, you!


Writing_Reg And The Zeitgeist Needing Exorcised

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If there was ever a post on the EA forum which encapsulated what is so crass and thoughtless about people today, how much basic standards of etiquette have slipped to the level of a society of adult babies, this is it.

Read what Writin_Reg has just gone through and despair:

There’s no ideal way to find out you have lost one of your parents – but to find out by chance through Facebook?

Words fail. Words absolutely fail.

What is wrong with people? Have we really become so detached from one another as human beings as to treat such a matter with such callousness? ‘Never let sensitivity and tact get in the way of increased Facebook page hits’

It’s times like this we think Gil Scott-Heron got it wrong saying ‘the revolution won’t be televised, it will be live’.

No it won’t, it will be tweeted.

As for Reggie, at this most horrible time, all we can offer is this…

Meanwhile, Cry0wr1ght’s задкусокнство Continues…

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‘As long as you were answering all of my posts, I thought that you also would eventually participate, otherwise that would be a breaking of the rule #4 from the General Discussion Etiquette.’