GrijzePilion Appears To Be Looking For A New Place To Troll

This one started all so innocently:

Well, as innocently as an Origin related update gets!

Yeah JoAnne65, this is old ground to be sure, you would have thought EA would have run out of ways to try and get us to agree to let them screw up our games and computers by now!

(Not that we’re suspicious or cynical or anything…).

Igazor inevitably turned up to pass a gimlet eye over proceedings:

Then came a part which had us thinking ‘uh oh!’

TreyNutz and Seera1024 (wow, like when was the last time we saw her around?) also chipped in their tuppenceworths:

Meanwhile, Gitte2001 turned up, spotting a fellow Low Countries resident (albeit from Cheesyclogsland rather than Sproutland):

… and things went wrong big time…

CravenLestat intervened to keep the peace, and GrijzePilion’s response to be honest came as little surprise:

Why did this all come as no surprise?

Because this bumnugget’s got previous:

Banned from Reddit for trolling, and also up to the same on Imgur:

One minute he’s straight, the next he’s bisexual.

And oh, in case GrijzePilion tries to deny this is him, you will notice an interest in trains…

… which also turns up in his YouTube account for Simming…

As Gitte2001 and Igazor pointed out, it does appear this clown is deliberately setting out to antagonise in a manner he doesn’t dare do on Mod The Sims – for all his bleating of ‘free speech’:

Like we said, this guy’s got form for this – just ignore him.

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