Loki Up Your Sons And Daughters! Gaxili1’s Made Good Her Threat To Make A Viking Village

We have become so cynical towards Simmers promising epic worlds for us to play on that never get beyond the first ultra-promising screenshots that with only a few exceptions we tend to take a ‘we’ll believe it when we see it’ approach – it being the finished product.

Boy has Gaxili1 delivered on her promise!

Requiring only four expansions you ought to all have already as well as the gorgeous Dragon Valley, this may only be the beta but this so looks the part.

Now you too can gather your Simmies to be like their Viking forebearers of old, returning from the four corners of the world in their longships, gathering around roaring open fires to tell tales of adventures bold and parrots new, drinking the wine borne by their sommeliers and chewing on their slimy towels.

Here’s where to go and download this wonder – remember to give her feedback as this is still at the Beta stage.


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