What Does GPLNF Stand For? Eight Years On, The Mystery Continues…

It’s amazing that all these years later, there’s still some questions about Sims 3 which still go unanswered:

Such as Janelliellio’s from way back at the beginning.

Back in those days when Ava The Muffinator and SimpsonFly were some of the regulars.

Oh, those innocent days.

Every so often, someone like GabbyGirlJ would breathe new life into the thread and the discussion would continue:

Some of those who fleetingly posted on the EA forum never to be heard from again such as Brytt137 certainly had good points:

Others like Dorendia122’s were a bit more abstract…

But here we are in 2017, and xox_Ivy_xox has got a brand new revelation:

KaikoMikkusu however wonders whether it is all a bluff.

So what does GPLNF stand for? Giant Plumbob Llamas Needing Fed? Granny Picnicing Loyalists National Front? Greedy Pillocks Laundering Numsimatical Fortunes?

The quest continues…

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