Yes, It’s Mucus, CWaddell, But Is It Art?

Pancakesandwich decided to start a thread dedicated to paintings on the EA forum, and shows she certainly knows a thing or two about the crapola artists need to spout to talk up modern art to have them acclaimed as ‘masterpieces’ instead of disaster pieces.

‘What my Renaissance Sim did after her boyfriend told her he was cheating all the time, and his affair may be expecting a baby from him, and he made half the town break up with eachother trying to find a suitable girlfriend.’

We’re troubled by how the subaqueous qualities of the negative space notates the essentially transitional quality, however as advocates of the Big Mac Aesthetic, we feel that the optical suggestions of the figurative-narrative line-space matrix contextualize the distinctive formal juxtapositions.


Cwaddell’s however was far easier to explain:

One good hard sneeze on the canvas, and voila! – overnight surrealist sensation.


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