We Don’t Usually Do British General Elections – Today We’ll Make An Exception For Two: VOTE ANNA RACCOON AND THE FISHFINGER (They Won’t Win, But They Might Save Their Deposits)

Anna Raccoon aka Suzanne Cameron Blackie is a former WordPress blogger (and one of our best forensic lawyers into all manner of injustices) who once upon a time worked for the Lord Chancellor in the Houses of Parliament – and who is now standing in Jeremy Corbyn’s seat.

Dying of cancer, she wishes to highlight any extra funding for our National Health Service will mean nothing so long as it keeps being eaten up by selfish bumnuggets making frivilous claims through ‘no win, no fee’ lawyers (as advertised on TV) which local health boards will largely pay up out of court because it’s far cheaper for them to do so than fight the cases in court.

(Don’t worry, Jeremy will still win Islington North, and maybe more if there’s a real miracle)

The other one is Fishfinger up in Westmorland and Lonsdale

That’s the reason why. Would you want someone this untrustworthy as your MP, but you don’t want a Tory or Labour instead? Well the Fishfinger is the compromise candidate, and according to the opinion polls is currently riding in third place – so, you never know.

Anyway, whatever you do, get out and vote – no matter what the weather is like. If you don’t do so, don’t cry when Tinfoil Theresa steals your parent’s property to pay for being shoved in some grotty granny farm or triples your tuition fees at Uni.

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