Who Was Coco Originally?

That what we have been wondering ever since the following thread was began by Cheesetruck:

All the great and good from down the years on the EA forum appeared to wallow in a bit of nostalgia:

From old SiManiacs like Deshong04:

To old fogies like Stdlr9 and World Explorer Pary to technically old fogie despite a two year lapse Simasaurus09:

And yes, TadOlson turned up as well.

But let’s get back to Coco – did you notice what she said?

‘Been there since day 1.’

Yet her EA forum record shows she has only been around since September 2014.

And she cannot be the same Coco from the old EA forum for Sims 3 only – that one was Taiwanese:

So the question is, who was she originally?

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