Igazor Has A Close Encounter With Cry0wr1ght’s задкусокнство

There’s nothing like a revived thread to get matter going wrong very quickly on the EA forum, isn’t there?

A Russian Simmer called Cry0wr1ght came onto the EA forum regarding KayO199X’s very old thread about making the game more dangerous to give their elongated thoughts on matters:

All rather long winded and some of it a bit too much like trying too hard to be controversial (‘By the way, what is a difference between murdering an adult an a child? Why only children have an advantage?’ – dear oh dear…).

But it certainly did not need some hasbeen troll telltale like Lisasc360 turning up trying to stir it:

And well done to Rflong7 putting Simguru Quack Quack’s little toadie in her place.

But whilst Pancakesandwich and Igazor debated whether the questions from 2011 were even relevant anymore (or for that matter appropriate for the EA forum) or whether every conceivable option has been explored for modding Sims 3, Cry0wr1ght decided to make another equally long winded post.

Igazor replied in much the same manner:

Erm, anyone else getting the feeling this is getting a little tetchy behind the formal replies?

But we took one look at Cry0wr1ght’s reply, noted the last sentence of ‘They made it all a joke with no need to cry unless you are too emotional in real life.’ and immediately thought ‘troll’.

So for that matter did Igazor:

Very much a response along the lines of ‘you are either very stupid or simply trying to be in order to illicit a response, well the grown ups are busy, so run along and play!’

Either that or Igazor is becoming a grouchy old git!


But as Cry0wr1ght has form for posting in various Russian gaming forums in much the same long winded followed by subtle dig replies (and then nothing else), we’ll put this one down to being some Russian troll’s ‘test’ alias (one used to gauge what a forum is like before committing). Constant vigilance out there, Simmers!

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