Sorry About The Rotten Service, But It’s Been A Long Last Couple Of Weeks…

… not least of all because one of us found ourselves mixed up with matters of low politics and has spent the best part of the month fretting over what to do.

But more about that later.

Matters of work (including unwanted overtime at normal rates as your humble narrator’s workplace gets itself into a collective knicker twist over the results of the general election and the chaos thereafter, much the same way they did the same over Brexit) and the marvellous increase in temperatures (a June where it isn’t bucketing with rain every second day? What magic art is this!) have not been conducive to keeping this blog bang up to date in the normal way.

Nor have days on end where it’s been a one man band as the other half has been concentrating on other matters.

What other matters?

Oh, matters.

One matter being one half kitty sitting (neighbour gets kitten, neighbour goes on holiday not wishing to put new kitten in cattery, neighbour employs one of us to care for kitten, kitten gets fortnight intense ninja training masquerading as ‘cat sitting’).

The other?

Matters which may mean nothing in the great scheme of things – or may cause chaos in a district of local government now one of us has proof their official opposition appear to have been up to the very dirty tricks they’ve accused those in power of being up to.

The strange things that happen when you run a Sims 3 blog.

Anyway, hopefully now we can both get back to abnormal in following the mad, mad world of the Simming community.

As opposed to the insanity of the real world.


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