Writing_Reg And The Zeitgeist Needing Exorcised

If there was ever a post on the EA forum which encapsulated what is so crass and thoughtless about people today, how much basic standards of etiquette have slipped to the level of a society of adult babies, this is it.

Read what Writin_Reg has just gone through and despair:

There’s no ideal way to find out you have lost one of your parents – but to find out by chance through Facebook?

Words fail. Words absolutely fail.

What is wrong with people? Have we really become so detached from one another as human beings as to treat such a matter with such callousness? ‘Never let sensitivity and tact get in the way of increased Facebook page hits’

It’s times like this we think Gil Scott-Heron got it wrong saying ‘the revolution won’t be televised, it will be live’.

No it won’t, it will be tweeted.

As for Reggie, at this most horrible time, all we can offer is this…

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