World Explorer Pary’s Finding Too Many Traits Aren’t Treats (But Gitte2001 Tells Her To Suck It And See)

Pary was having a problem with a Simmie being assigned some extra unwanted traits.

She came to the EA forum seeking help and guidance from a sympathetic ear and astute mind.

Ah well Pary, better luck next time!


Now you know Pary why we voted for Brexit!


Whilst Gitte2001 was in full jobsworth mode, TreyNutz and AthenaOnyx did their best:

But you just knew that an NRaas mod would come up in the solutions long before TadOlson (who else!) suggested it along with Simasaurus09.

But in this case, not even the mighty NRaas can help, and – horror upon horrors! – if it don’t dang it all that Igazor declared that Gitte2001 had it right after all, although TadOlson suggested another way around it:

One of us needs to go to the opticians by the way after initially mistaking Igazor saying ‘I often hand out Vegetarian’ for ‘I often hand out Viagra’. Either that or a psychiatrist.


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