FredBrenny’s BRILLIANT Chateau Meringue

FredBrenny’s been producing a lot of very good lots for Sims 3 for ages – we have waxed lyrical about her/him/whatever before – but this one really is a triumph even by him/her/its standards.

It is dependent on a fair old bit of CycloneSue’s custom content (but you expected that, didn’t you?) but it is worth it for the final effect:

As you’ve probably guessed, it takes up a 50 by 50 lot and has a lovely little lake next to it taking up a fair part of the space, but the castle itself has five bedrooms (and three bathrooms – so highly suitable for an incontinent!)

For those of you wanting to get this little beauty, here’s where to go (yes it is The Sims Resource – for plumbob’s sake if that still freaks you out please grow a pair!).


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