Will Ériu Fé Have Irish Eyes Smiling, Or Will It Be Another Load Of Old Blarney?

Frankie of Shiny Happy People, er we mean Simply Imaginary People has got a new world.

Very pretty it is too.

It is a medium world size containing about twenty five community lots including (deep breath) a Townhall/Military/Police, Journalism combie (hmmm, having those four in the one place smacks something of a fascist/communist state!), Pub (well it is Irish!), the obligatory Hospital/Science Lab combie, a Gym, a Firestation, a Grocery/Arcade/Cinema combie, Parks, Pool, Beach, Campgrounds and tonnes more.

There are twenty six fully built residential lots awaiting residents, and three empty lots for building – most are on hillsides.

Here’s the backstory:

Only a few miles off the coast of Ireland lies a small, hilly Island. With its name meaning Abundance or Land of Fairies, it became known in history for sad past and magical powers. In the times of witch hunts, it was considered bad luck to kill a witch on your own land, as it would sour the earth. Ériu Fé became the Island where witches were drowned, hunted, and banished. Superstition believes, that all this magical blood shed gave the water its own power and that the island was cursed. Few put foot on it, but it became home to those who fled, who were different, and who never fit in anywhere else. Ériu Fé became a place of refuge and soon a thriving little community filled with stories, fairytales, odd characters, and a lot of charm.

Sounds like some sort of bloody hippy commune – has that Mike Scott of the Waterboys gone and bought some island off Eire and gone back to pretending to be Irish again?


The one worry we have is the amount of custom content allegedly within it, which could prove a deal buster to some – however as it is only in the beta stage we’ll have to wait and see what reports others have.

The other gripe is the lack of any overall screenshot of the world as a whole, rather than titbits of its best sides. We for one prefer a ‘map’ type shot so we can see what sort of world we are getting.

Anyway, one to put on the prospective want list once the beta testing is finished,


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