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Another Reason To Be Glad Not To Have The Glitterturd

Posted in Uncategorized on July 31, 2017 by themaresnest

It means not seeing rubbish like this from Smother Sims being created for your favourite game:


Tell you if anything breaks? How about our faith in humanity, let alone Simmers when crap like this still does the rounds.

♫ It’s Alright, Demon Baby’s Coming Baaaaack! ♪

Posted in Uncategorized on July 30, 2017 by themaresnest

To think the last time any of you heard anything remotely connected about everyone’s favourite razor toothed rugrat, it was here two years ago! The genuine article has been away much longer, in fact only a few months after the Glitterturd appeared – a not unfamiliar tale across the Simmerverse, of course.

Yes Vera Blake aka Kelly Blake has reappeared, with a remarkably sage post to boot:

If only!

And bless Rosemow’s little cotton socks if she wasn’t there on duty to welcome the return of the prodigal wotsit!

First Crazy Anne back in April, and now this, our little nutters from yesteryear are getting all so grown-up, ***sob sob! sniffly tears of pride***


Rud3bwoy Trolls GameFAQ In The Same Old Way, Is Sent Packing The Same Old Way

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Ah, the more things change, the more things stay the same, and none so more than the incomparable culpépitrie de la culpépitrie that is Rud3bwoy.

Seven years later, and this bozo still regards trolling the internet as his proudest lifetime achievement, and as such is trapped to continue repeating what he knows best: in this instance using that tired trope of going into threads dedicated to a particular platform and insinuate less than subtly that another platform is better.

Of course, there is the inevitable response less to do with his choices than the fact he’s forgotten in previous posts he’s piled up all the ammunition the GameFAQ readers could ever want – namely all the time he’s wasted building (and boasting about) said computer in the first place.

Or rather paying someone else to do so, making it an even bigger waste of time and money.

Oh yes, ‘jester’ is apparantly his latest stunning piece of riposte to his detractors, we guess from whatever Nickelodeon show is his current source of intellectual nourishment.

Of course, you kind of guess what’s coming up over the horizon…

As _Marka_Ragnos_ beautifully summed him up:

There are many ways to come back to these, what Rud3bwoy chose in each case wasn’t one of them:

Really, you could almost become nostalgic for Skyscraperfan1 at this rate.

Granted, some cottoned on to what this bumnugget was attempting from the start:

The point was once this little kitty was once more out of the bag, anything this moron had to say was going to be drowned out in the usual manner – which of course is one of the reasons we posted it in the first place:

Wherever he goes, wherever he trolls, they can throw this back in his face time after time after time and the last laugh will always be that of his intended victims.

That he’s still frittering away his life on the net trying to get ‘wins’ over random strangers to make up for being so spectacularly caught out those seven or so years ago makes us suspect that he is doomed to keep on repeating the same mistakes no matter how many times he loses his stake on the roulette wheel of trolling.


TsminhSims Has Her New Hair Bootlegged By IfcaSims (Let’s Call This Shit Out For What It Is)

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Vietnamese custom content creator TsminhSims creates her first new Sims 3 hair in four years (since 27th September 2013 to be precise – the time of the Garden Of Shadows crisis… time sure flies!)

Within two days, IfcaSims is posting up the obligatory half-arsed ‘retexture’ so she gets all the downloads (and kudos for ‘creating’ it) instead.

With her usual cheek, it comes with the standard umpteen terms and conditions for usage which she’s happy to ignore from the people she’s bootlegging her stuff from: ‘don’t use my edit of SS texture’, ‘don’t reupload my custom content’

Your custom content?!?! Are you for real?!?! Since when did you create anything original, you f**king pirate!

And Simmers are wondering why so many Sims 3 hair creators stop bothering and simply revert to churning out lipsticks and poses like everyone else which take a fraction of the time and the pirating of which isn’t tolerated in the same manner this ‘retexturing’ shit is?

Peep Toe Boots – Just Say NO!

Posted in Uncategorized on July 27, 2017 by themaresnest

If there is one almighty fashion abortion we hoped never to see (although with the tonne of Lady Gaga horseshit doing the rounds nothing really is sacred anymore in the Simming community, is it?), it was Victoria Beckham’s utterly stupid idea (even by her budgeriga brained standards) of peep toe boots.

But no.

Courtesy of Mrs Mizuno. Over The Knee ones at that.

May she rot and perish.

The Things You Find…

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… when you start looking about for Viking and Scandinavian Sims 3 stuff:


Brings a whole new meaning to the dead being referred to as ‘stiffys’.

Blame it all on discovering the following Simblr story site (sadly abandoned) and of course Gaxili1’s Viking Village we mentioned a month ago.

Still, for anyone interested in Viking stuff for Sims 3, here’s one or two finds, the first of which has to be SilFantasy’s brilliant Viking Longship (cloned from a cup of coffee – almost Homestar Runner in its conception!):

And yes, that is the correct link that you have been looking for which has been so messed up elsewhere, not least of all SilFantasy’s own site because she thinks updating your own links are for wimps!


And for all you fans of a certain Pound shop answer to Game of Thrones…

Lagertha is a large breasted powerful and well-known shield-maiden from the Vikings series – and certain to be downloaded by CravenLestat before the moon has waxed and waned.’


Wolfkomoki1 Doesn’t Find This Very Emma-A-Peeling

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Yes, we know, we’ve had better titles than that one!

Suffice to say, the EA forum’s resident fashionistas were out to pass judgement:

What’s wrong with jumpsuits, Gitte2001? The umpteeth reboot of The Avengers is due round about now, you know!

Thankfully KaikiMikkusu was able to provide a slightly more useful answer:

Yep, although it begs the question as to whether this was a permanent problem with that particular piece of CC (ie. an untextured mesh), or merely that of a crappy graphics card finding itself unable to cope with someone rapidly changing outfits in CAS.