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Wibs TRUE Career Revealed!

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This one all started out at Jenba Sims Simblr spot and quickly escalated as Paper Lioness showed her claws:

FemmeSim’s already got her retirement planned around it:


Holleyberry meanwhile was busy pinching good lines from one of us:

Blewis50 by contrast was too busy blowing their top:

Whilst JodelieJodelie outed herself as one of Aarin’s old goons judging by her inadvertant excitement over you-know-what…

There may not have been any ‘sweet succulent’ mentioned, but we got the drift!

World Explorer Tangie-HappySimmer3 pointed out that having a game labelled for teens and above did not mean it was for teens only.

But the real revelations came from the Norway contingent on Simblr:



Speaking Of Wibs…

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… she’s found a new ‘this is my all time favourite wine, the wine of the new and everlasting covenant – or at least giant wine glass’:

Tune in next week, when Wibs announces her new all time favourite wine, and that we’re all her friggin’ mates, hic, so we are, hic, no no really, really, hic, and did she ever tell you that all men are bastards, hic, and that Johnny Depp would be really shaggable in a dress, hic, and…