Wibs TRUE Career Revealed!

This one all started out at Jenba Sims Simblr spot and quickly escalated as Paper Lioness showed her claws:

FemmeSim’s already got her retirement planned around it:


Holleyberry meanwhile was busy pinching good lines from one of us:

Blewis50 by contrast was too busy blowing their top:

Whilst JodelieJodelie outed herself as one of Aarin’s old goons judging by her inadvertant excitement over you-know-what…

There may not have been any ‘sweet succulent’ mentioned, but we got the drift!

World Explorer Tangie-HappySimmer3 pointed out that having a game labelled for teens and above did not mean it was for teens only.

But the real revelations came from the Norway contingent on Simblr:



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