KatNip Gives Jordan061102 The Feedline Of The Week (Or Is It Weak?)

Poor old KatNip’s having a time of it:

Yes, being abducted by aliens – one of life’s routine hazards! Both heterosexual parents getting pregnant simultaneous however…


While EmilyLouise95 empathised (and proved herself to be equally barking mad), Jillbg had more pressing matters:

The X button Jillbg is the male equivalent of the G-Spot. Next!

Karritz meanwhile we hope was still talking about her game and not any super villain creating master race in secret hideout whilst planning to destroy the world James Bond type plot:

‘At this point I’d had lots of abductions but no pregnancy had resulted.’

In the meantime, TadOlson had a mod in TadOlson’s game so TadOlson doesn’t need to worry about such trifles.

Giving TadOlson more time to worry about these trifles:

One of these tastes just right, one of these has a bomb in it, another is infected with rabies and gonorrhea, and the last one is a month past its sell by date. But which one is which, TadOlson?

Whilst you are figuring this one out, here comes the punchline for the thread.


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