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SomethingStellar: Another Glitterturder Has Atoned For Their Simfulness

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Welcome back to sanity!

How apt that World Explorer Pary should be around to welcome them back into the real world:

But of course, everything Sims 3 can do, NRaas can do better…

… and it wouldn’t be an NRaas mods conversation without Karritz and TadOlson turning up:

It’s all a question of taste we suppose:

And Sims 3 is certainly to the taste of ZeeGee and Coco (which reminds us, where’s CravenLestat disappeared to?)

And as SomethingStellar had further born-again Sims 3 fangasms, JoAnne65 was also feeling the chickens were coming home to roost:

Which it turns out was exactly what the starter of the thread had in mind:

Jessa_Dakkar was also on hand to give Somethingstellar even more reason for playing Sims 3 until the cows come home.

Now here’s King_of_Simcity7 to piss off all the Sims 4 apologists as usual:


And for those who prefer their posts to be a touch longer, if there’s anything Davina1221 hasn’t touched here, it’s probably not worth mentioning:

‘The lack of stuff in just the S4 basic game is staggering when compared to S3. We got an incredibly large world with S3 and fleshed out things to do… I felt like a min[i]-God of my own world. In S4, my sims can cancel out my wishes…

… the content is so slow in S4 … they were making S4 and had the chance to make it what they wanted it to be. The massive amount of content in S3 EPs compared to S4 is unreal.

I have found myself desiring to play S3 and I just don’t get that feeling in S4… I love the new CAS and build things as well as being able to see townies and add them to your CAS, but the play in S4 is lacking.

Sorry to rant, but the slowness of content, the lack of content simmers really want, and limited to one area and only being able to poof to and load every single place is such a complete step down from S3… For me, the loss of open world is a huge step down from all video games standpoints.