KaikoMikkusu’s Who Too Doo

Okay, this was a bit weird:

First up, for SomethingStellar’s benefit, the Doctor Who series and the Sims series have had plenty to do with one another over the years, thanks to some rather clever (and some not so clever) modders, the greatest of which was of course OrangePlumbob’s legendary working Tardis (on WordPress, of course, where all the good stuff is!).

And of course there was FuryRed back in early 2010 having the Doctor perving it up with some saucy redhead in shorts in need of a sandwich months before Amy Pond joined the show. Really, she ought to have sued for breach of copyright.

Secondly, there appears to be no attempt by KaikoMikkusu to ‘trick’ anyone into going to her forum to click on the adverts, but her explanation and subsequent action in abruptly closing the forum is puzzling.

Trakenboard is – or rather was – a long enough established board for Doctor Who fans, named after the ‘Keeper Of Traken’ episode from the original series back in 1981 – brilliantly lampooned over on TV Tropes for the steaming pile of horse shit it was as the pretentious John Nathan Turner began to slowly strangle one of the BBC’s most successful ever shows to death (somehow it lasted another three doctors in quick succession before he succeeded in killing it off).

What doesn’t make sense is that it has been around certainly since last summer as a Doctor Who forum, look no further than KaikoMikkusu’s plug over on another Doctor Who fan site.

So why KaikoMikkusu started denying that the forum was about Dr Who and that she wasn’t a fan of the show until recently (erm, if you can remember Zoe you are a bit more than some casual newbie!) is beyond us, to say nothing of the obvious bewilderment amongst what readers she had as to what she was playing at (see the chat post in the fourth screenshot above).


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