Sim Secret Is Ten Years Old (Rather Like Most Of Its Remaining Readership…)

Ten years, eh?

Ten years of backing completely the wrong set of bumnuggets:

Yeah, there was a reason for that, it’s called being caught out as liars and hypocrites.

… and ten years of weekly complaints of ‘it’s not as good as it used to be.’

With respect, you are almost the last place anyone ought to go to if looking for explanations of past Simming history, getting matters so wrong to ‘National Enquirer’ levels of being hard and fast with the facts. As if any further evidence was needed, the way Sim Secret painted MedleyMisty as on a par with the antichrist whilst painting a thoroughly evil bastard like Pescado as the Simming world’s saviour was beyond any level of absurd.

Still, they did prove critical in stopping one highly unpleasant business back in February 2014, and for that they will always earn our thanks, if for nothing else.

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