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Gitte2001’s Drawing The Line Over Drawers

Posted in Uncategorized on July 19, 2017 by themaresnest

Over on the EA forum, young Brigitte van Rental, or Gitte2001 to you lot, is as ever refusing to cut any slack – this time over slacks:

Clearly not a Madness or an MC Hammer fan.

‘Dearing’? Daring, surely – clearly Gitte2001’s not from Brussels. Goot, er we mean good to see her legendary toaster popping up in conversation again, but that’s enough crispy bread capers for another day.

‘How dare they burn my fashion sensitive eyes so badly. How dare they.’

Bloody hell, that’s all we need – Simmers becoming fashionistas. Anyway, Miss Dexy’s Midnight Runners in their Too-Rye-Ay phase, you’re a fine one to talk!


Now matters started really getting stark raving bonkers, when we have Igazor of all people joining in on this one:

Pffft! Some people just can’t handle their Simmies bringing back the smexxxy.

As TreyNutz pointed out, it was all part of the lunacy that was University Life and its EA Store offshoots:

Rflong7/13 decided however to strike a radical fashion note by coming out in favour of le grande pantalóns:

Mikezumi less so:

Yes, we know you prefer them with their pants off.


Coco got involved suggesting perhaps a little more shade on proceedings might allow Gitte2001 to pull it off (as opposed to Mikezumi who requires no such excuse!):

Leaving aside that Gitte2001 will not allow any Arsen around without her permission (she does run a strict game!), 1Need4Kaffee pointed out that Sims 3 has never exactly been over concerned with male clothing (rather like Haiden, but that’s another topic…) whilst Namaya92 showed just why you don’t allow your Simmers to use the bubble pipe bar for breakfast:


Nikkei_Simmer had a solution all of his own, one of mind over matter – he doesn’t mind, because to him it doesn’t matter! – whilst ShojoDagger pointed out inadvertently those offending pants were part of a certain EA skydiving lot from once upon a time (or maybe there weren’t, frankly who cares!).

And since that lot appeared to have trousered the market in barmy threads, we decided we’d skirt the issue from going any further.