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Chemical Wibs Has Found Her Pics Kicking The Photobucket

Posted in Uncategorized on July 20, 2017 by themaresnest

Yes, this one’s been popping up all over the Simmerverse of late hasn’t it?

Yes, that is one of the problems of third party hosting for free, the third party’s at leisure to rewrite the terms at whim.

But as Wibs says, it’s not like hers have gone forever – still, always worth reiterating that old moral of always ensuring you back up everything you do in blogging.

Elsewhere, she’s got new travels afield:

Well if there’s any Polish Simmers they’re probably living in the UK now so no point in asking them! Maybe try one of the Russian Simmers instead?


(And before anyone starts moaning at us for stealing the Two Tailed Dog Party’s jokes, we’re simply returning the compliment… ah, but that’s another story!)