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No, Sharkloverplayer-Catloverplayer ISN’T Dead, Before Anyone Swallows Sim Secret’s Bullshit

Posted in Uncategorized on July 21, 2017 by themaresnest

Seriously, we know you’re desperate for viewers, especially after last week’s special proved such a damp squib, but posting this stuff up is a real low even by your standards:

‘the threads begging for shower woohoo won’t be the same without you’ – oh, nice touch, bumnugget!

No need to worry folks, our Jeff Carter – the one and only cuddly Sharkster (accept no imitations) has been retweeting as recently as a few hours ago, and long after Sim Secret closes its submissions.

He even found time to give blood:

Well done, that man!


Mind you, the Simming world is still awaiting an apology for your ditching of the icon that was Hannah…

Ariel? You may think you’re being bold, but that simply won’t wash with us, young man!