THAT Business Over At Sim Secret

As we touched upon yesterday, Sim Secret has managed to push its remaining readers too far by posting up the confessions of some sick sack of s**t who uses the Sims series to indulge in his paedophilic pecadillos.

What’s this ‘we’ business, Prah2010?

You are running the shop by yourself ever since Hooptytrib jumped from the sinking ship and FraulineFive buggered off after the multi-faced cow was outed.

The buck stops with you, at least have the courage to admit it rather than it being the decision of some fictitious committee!

As another poster said, it seems Prah2010 picks and chooses when to follow their own rules at whim:

Prah2010’s attempts to excuse the inexcusable became increasingly ludicrous:

Wait, what? There was two drafts and the wrong one was posted? In which case, why not put the ‘correct’ (and by insinuation ‘less offensive’) one in place now? And what do you mean by two ‘drafts’ anyway? Are you telling us you made up the secret yourself (taken from some sicko’s website) then posted it in order to try and generate some traffic from making up some sewer posts now the gutter ones no longer cut the mustard with your Dumblr audiences need for an ever lowering bar? If so, well you certainly judged the response to that one wrong!

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