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The Things You Find…

Posted in Uncategorized on July 26, 2017 by themaresnest

… when you start looking about for Viking and Scandinavian Sims 3 stuff:


Brings a whole new meaning to the dead being referred to as ‘stiffys’.

Blame it all on discovering the following Simblr story site (sadly abandoned) and of course Gaxili1’s Viking Village we mentioned a month ago.

Still, for anyone interested in Viking stuff for Sims 3, here’s one or two finds, the first of which has to be SilFantasy’s brilliant Viking Longship (cloned from a cup of coffee – almost Homestar Runner in its conception!):

And yes, that is the correct link that you have been looking for which has been so messed up elsewhere, not least of all SilFantasy’s own site because she thinks updating your own links are for wimps!


And for all you fans of a certain Pound shop answer to Game of Thrones…

Lagertha is a large breasted powerful and well-known shield-maiden from the Vikings series – and certain to be downloaded by CravenLestat before the moon has waxed and waned.’