TsminhSims Has Her New Hair Bootlegged By IfcaSims (Let’s Call This Shit Out For What It Is)

Vietnamese custom content creator TsminhSims creates her first new Sims 3 hair in four years (since 27th September 2013 to be precise – the time of the Garden Of Shadows crisis… time sure flies!)

Within two days, IfcaSims is posting up the obligatory half-arsed ‘retexture’ so she gets all the downloads (and kudos for ‘creating’ it) instead.

With her usual cheek, it comes with the standard umpteen terms and conditions for usage which she’s happy to ignore from the people she’s bootlegging her stuff from: ‘don’t use my edit of SS texture’, ‘don’t reupload my custom content’

Your custom content?!?! Are you for real?!?! Since when did you create anything original, you f**king pirate!

And Simmers are wondering why so many Sims 3 hair creators stop bothering and simply revert to churning out lipsticks and poses like everyone else which take a fraction of the time and the pirating of which isn’t tolerated in the same manner this ‘retexturing’ shit is?

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