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Rud3bwoy Trolls GameFAQ In The Same Old Way, Is Sent Packing The Same Old Way

Posted in Uncategorized on July 29, 2017 by themaresnest

Ah, the more things change, the more things stay the same, and none so more than the incomparable culpépitrie de la culpépitrie that is Rud3bwoy.

Seven years later, and this bozo still regards trolling the internet as his proudest lifetime achievement, and as such is trapped to continue repeating what he knows best: in this instance using that tired trope of going into threads dedicated to a particular platform and insinuate less than subtly that another platform is better.

Of course, there is the inevitable response less to do with his choices than the fact he’s forgotten in previous posts he’s piled up all the ammunition the GameFAQ readers could ever want – namely all the time he’s wasted building (and boasting about) said computer in the first place.

Or rather paying someone else to do so, making it an even bigger waste of time and money.

Oh yes, ‘jester’ is apparantly his latest stunning piece of riposte to his detractors, we guess from whatever Nickelodeon show is his current source of intellectual nourishment.

Of course, you kind of guess what’s coming up over the horizon…

As _Marka_Ragnos_ beautifully summed him up:

There are many ways to come back to these, what Rud3bwoy chose in each case wasn’t one of them:

Really, you could almost become nostalgic for Skyscraperfan1 at this rate.

Granted, some cottoned on to what this bumnugget was attempting from the start:

The point was once this little kitty was once more out of the bag, anything this moron had to say was going to be drowned out in the usual manner – which of course is one of the reasons we posted it in the first place:

Wherever he goes, wherever he trolls, they can throw this back in his face time after time after time and the last laugh will always be that of his intended victims.

That he’s still frittering away his life on the net trying to get ‘wins’ over random strangers to make up for being so spectacularly caught out those seven or so years ago makes us suspect that he is doomed to keep on repeating the same mistakes no matter how many times he loses his stake on the roulette wheel of trolling.