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The Return Of Evil_One (Lock Up Your Petitions!)

Posted in Uncategorized on August 31, 2017 by themaresnest

Yes, they’re all coming out of the woodwork and from under the stones right now, with another blast from the past reemerging to do what she always did best…

… moaning her head off!

Pausing for breath after taking up the cudgels with Erpe after a plumbob knows how many years lay off (are there really still people kidding themselves that it isn’t true that Sims 4 was recycled Sims Olympus code after the Patrick Kelly affair?), the love child of V and Bellatrix Lestrange was back within a week swinging her spiked handbag from Hot Topic at Rod Humble and Rachel Franklin.

Tut tut, missed the open goal there of Franklin the rat jumping ship last year only days after barfing about ‘Maxis pride’.

Not that Sims 3 was going to get away without a few swipes as well…

Hey, why not come off the fence and say how you really feel about their programming abilities?


Welcome back, you miserable old sod!

Lauryl Helps CWaddell Decide What It Is All About

Posted in Uncategorized on August 30, 2017 by themaresnest

Hi everyone, it’s me Lauryl once again, taking time away from nectar making to help you with all your Simming problems!

As opposed to your nectar which gives everyone stomach problems.

Shaddup Mares, you big bunch of crunchy wampuses! Anyhow, Cwaddell’s is on the EA forum, with a question regarding her poor vampire Simmie who everyone seems to think is something else…

Is he a clown, or is he a monster?

How about he could be both!


‘Hi, I’m Bill Skarsgård, and I’m not trying to be Jack Enormous Ego Nicholson playing The Joker and Jack Torrance at once, no sirree bob!’

On second thoughts, the nectar would have been better…

That’s IT from me, folks, tee-hee-hee-hee!

‘It is the hope for the dope who rides the horse without a hoof.’

Polrbear And Faerie197 Finding It All So Simming Illogical (No, This Isn’t About Star Trek!)

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Over on the Sims 3 logic (or rather lack of it!) thread on the EA forum, Polrbear and Faerie197 aren’t too happy about the way their game seems to expect all their Simmies to change their loved ones with the seasons when they’ve no intentions of hearing the first cuckold of spring (and yes, we’ve done that joke before!).

Ah, come on you two, it’s just like the soaps where they defy all real life logic and have Billy No Dates becoming Mr Love Pants after one good day.

Readers! Even if you’re ginger, all it takes is one good game of Quidditch and you’ll be having to beat them off with a bludger baton instead of beating yourself off (especially women ten years your senior pretending to be teenage girls … shame on you Lavender Brown, you bunny boiling hussy!).

Or for that matter anything written by J K Rowling.

Come to think of it, maybe they’ve all been ripping off their plot ideas from Sims 3!

We think we should be told…

Karritz’s Isla Paradiso Bunch

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Long overdue we mentioned this one, as we think the likes of CravenLestat and Sharkloverplayer may find one or two things appealing…

Yes, that gag was a bit obvious even for us!

There is some passing drug references in her storylines however, or at least it appears to be to us:

For the making of ‘elixirs’ you say? We dread to think what sort you have in mind, especially considering the mention of ‘a few parties’ and ‘deaths’. Remember kids, just say ‘no’.


You sure that’s not a trapped sneeze Meryl’s trying to get rid of instead, Karritz?

On the bright side, the offer to join Trump’s administration will be with her any day since he’s fast running out of toadies.


Anyway, something which may be of interest to you lot is earlier in the year Karritz featured this rather neat Carnival On The Water lot, and now you can get it for your own game.

No custom content, only EA Store, expansion and stuff packs required – here’s the link.


Yes Indeed Lisabee2…

Posted in Uncategorized on August 27, 2017 by themaresnest

Oh well, it’s another Simming blogger on WordPress, so we’re morally obliged to mention it, even if it is all about the Glitterturd and she prefers the Seahawks to the Sounders (American padded rugby? Bleeeeeugh!). We’ll forgive her since she’s married to a dude who looks uncannily like the great actor and playwright Winston Ntshona (and if it turns out it is him we’re gonna freak!).

No Mike, don’t jump! We’re sure your bit of the storyline will get better eventually!

She’s also been updating her stories regularly since February last year, so you’ve plenty of reading material to keep yourselves entertained on the bus and train into school/uni/work (hey, doesn’t everyone read Simming legacies on their tablets and smartphones when commutting? Well don’t they?).

Abe Blinken, bringing back the smexxxy into Simming.


Anyway, she’s been plugging her blog over on the EA forum, and the following piece caught our eye:

Hitting the ground running, quickly falling flat on his face and struggling to stand up and keep pace within a fast moving environment… yep, sounds like a pretty good metaphor for Sims 4 to us!

Sim Secret Posts Something Funny For Once (Unintentionally!)

Posted in Uncategorized on August 26, 2017 by themaresnest

This week in the ‘not for publication but you all get to see it anyway so what’s the difference’ part of everyone’s favourite Having Our Cake And Eating blog – and just about the only thing keeping Live Journal going – came the following non-rib tickler.

The reply?

Yeah Prah2010, roughly what everyone else is saying about Sim Secret these days!


CravenLestat And King_of_SimCity7 Put The Pieces Together

Posted in Uncategorized on August 25, 2017 by themaresnest

Now this has got to be a first:

The comparison of the Sims series with that of Lego. Come to that, the mentioning of Lego on the official Sims 3 forum in any shape or form!

Yeah, we know, Rflong7/13’s probably done so as she’s spoken about just about everything else in her time!


That all said, Minecraft also has much in common with Lego (for obvious reasons), although it has its own restrictions – although at least with Lego you don’t have to worry about bumnuggets trolling the server!