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MadameLee’s Crummy, Corny Day Ends On Problems With Windows (Old School Style)

Posted in Uncategorized on August 1, 2017 by themaresnest

Perhaps inspired by the Demon Baby’s return (aka Comrade Warlock!), Canada’s Crazy Anne has realised she needs to up her game on the EA forum: cue some vintage ranting on the sort of subject only she could find ire with (and no, it’s not about sea monkeys before you ask!):

What’s wrong with opening the window, MadameLee? Anyone would think you didn’t want a house full of wasps!


As for people turning off fans and closing windows in summer, long overdue this being made an offence by which community wardens are allowed to hand out mandatory death sentences.

Rosemow – bless her! – tried to be comforting, but Crazy Anne was only starting as matters got even more crummy for her:


Your parents serve corn with pasta dishes? Do they put sausages in the ice cream sundaes as well?

Still, we had a good chuckle at MadameLee pointing out her mum telling her to shut up about dinner (we’ll have none of this ‘supper’ middle class subversiveness, you bloody hipster!) only to promptly ask her a dinner related question.

Hey Rosemow, stop interrupting Crazy Anne when she’s rolling:

From a culinary perspective, hard to disagree with her opinion on her corny mealtimes – although if the pasta in question was the Holy Sacrament of Kraft Dinner this of course as every Kanuck knowns should always be eaten au naturalle.