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Dear 2FingersWhiskey, That Sounds Like A Very Good Idea

Posted in Uncategorized on August 3, 2017 by themaresnest

What is it about what’s left of LiveJournal and it being the haven of the Simming community’s cranks, perverts and snowflakes?

Well, there’s the affinity with Sim Secret for a start:

Yep, sicking up all your little foibles over at the Troll hole – great idea.

They produce custom content, yet appear to be under the impression that somehow entitles them to be given money by strangers (see the Donate button?).

Or it is because they’re another one with First World problems?

Yes, a break sounds like a good idea. A very good idea. You produce some useful stuff but you need to get over your anal retentiveness, big time.

What is it that has got into Simmers in the last few years, with more and more of them feeling the need to blurt out to the world every single facet of themselves. What next, ‘here’s what my DNA looks like?’

Reality TV and talent shows bear much of the blame for this, where contestants worthiness is deemed only a quarter of what their talent is and the rest is all down to how salacious or heart-rendering their back story is.

That may be acceptable for the televisual equivalent of chewing gum, but we in the Simming community should be about this, don’t you agree?