Namaya92 And The Curse Of Boy Band Hair

Oh, so you like dad/grandad hair instead?


Emily4331 and Cleo00 were there to lend a hand solving Namaya92’s hair raising problem with plenty of places for her to comb through…

… although we can guess what the response will be to mentioning The Sims Resource!

Whilst TreyNutz offered another site, Nikkei_Simmer put in sight her preferred haircut for men – the same one they’ve probably been getting since they were five years old and the barber still probably gives them a lollipop afterwards for being good.

For InfraGreen there is a greater danger than boyband hair – five head hair!

For those not in the know, a five head is someone whose forehead is so big you can put your whole hand against it, not merely four fingers (eg. Alexis Bledel, Christina Ricci, Christian Slater, Beavis, the bimbo with the stychenine grin in Walker Texas Ranger, etc).

In a reversal of the roles meanwhile, Namaya92 had a recommendation for Nikkei_Simmer:

Or alternatively you could download one of the ten billion ‘retextures’ that always appear with every Nightcrawler hair – if you don’t mind being a freaking arsebucket!

Coco and World Explorer Pary meanwhile were offering their strands and tendrils:

Shhhh Pary, you can’t say poofy, that’s homophobic that is – yes, we know you meant ‘hair like a burst couch’ though!

But spare a thought best beloved for poor old Bekkasan:

It’s enough to make you tear your hair out!


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