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Rflong7/13’s Supernatural Island… Will It Be Out On Time For Halloween?

Posted in Uncategorized on August 10, 2017 by themaresnest

Yes, before we forget to mention it again, the Greatest World Builder Of Them All™ has decided to finish off a previous work in progress, and doing almost as good a job as Crowkeeper at making us all salivate in anticipation:

We’re not too sure about some of the buildings, round turrets would surely be better here, but that’s something we can all fix ourselves:

That of course would require you to have the castle building kit from the EA Store, which you all ought to have by now anyway, because if you don’t it means you are probably a Nazi.

There’s lots of different looking parts to the island, including bits with high sea walls on slopes, which is the sort of seaside Britain vibe we like – and we’ll be dying to stick in a grotty cafe nearby to it where everything is served with a fried egg and sachets of tomato ketchup (including the ice cream) to give it that authentic British seaside holiday experience, as well as sticking up Rabies posters everywhere and signs saying No Loitering (more in hope than expectation of the event).

Bekkasan, Kelleygirl and fellow World Explorer Pary were on duty to provide the necessary encouragement:

It has even got GreenB70 and Mitzuru007 out of lurking to comment:

Pary went the Full Willow to try and get more out of Becca…

And was duly rewarded:

The question is, how long before we get to see it in all its glory?

P.S. you may notice something special about one of the pictures posted here – special prize to the first one who spots it. Or maybe not.