Dear 2FingersWhiskey: Guess What? You ARE Being A Narcissistic Manipulator – Cut It Out!

When you start doing the old ‘I’m going to kill myself’ routine again that’s bad enough.

When you do it around the basis of a complete and utter bloody lie that is a disgrace.

You claim you were doxxed by Sim Secret. Quite aside from the fact that would mean twenty five Simmers at best seeing it, this is quite simply a complete fantasy on your part: no one on either the ‘secrets’ or the comments section has done anything of the sort. Ever.

Well you’ve got the even lower number of people reading your Live Journal and Dumblr in an understandable panic thinking you were about to do something silly, happy now you’ve got yourself lots of attention from them and to hell with making them sick with worry as the price?

You want to know what the problem is? You got mentioned once on SS (and not particularly rudely either), tried to milk it in the hope of becoming the centre of attention in the process, and failed: largely because even somewhere like SS couldn’t get much mileage out of your antics.

You’ve tried playing every special snowflake card, tried pushing every ‘triggered’ button trying to get a reaction, and now all that’s left is the old ‘suicide’ card as much loved by every other emo-troll there’s ever been.

Well sweetcheeks, in the week two other serial attention whores have been threatening a whole bit bigger suicide card with nukes, pardon the Simming world for deciding your make believe problems don’t amount to a hill of beans – especially when you’ve been so ‘depressed’ you’ve posted more on your Dumblr every day since than most post in an entire year!

(We stopped counting at fifty for August 8th alone…)

Here’s a tip, feel free to install it: you want to blow away every last friendship you’ve made in this community? Keep right on going the way you are then – because all those people you are draining the fun out of with your emo-vampire routine have lives of their own beyond the net, some enduring some real hardships, not First World ones, and eventually they’ll grow sick of listening to you leeching the last happiness our community brings them from the strife of every day life and will simply turn their back on you for good.


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