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Yes Indeed Lisabee2…

Posted in Uncategorized on August 27, 2017 by themaresnest

Oh well, it’s another Simming blogger on WordPress, so we’re morally obliged to mention it, even if it is all about the Glitterturd and she prefers the Seahawks to the Sounders (American padded rugby? Bleeeeeugh!). We’ll forgive her since she’s married to a dude who looks uncannily like the great actor and playwright Winston Ntshona (and if it turns out it is him we’re gonna freak!).

No Mike, don’t jump! We’re sure your bit of the storyline will get better eventually!

She’s also been updating her stories regularly since February last year, so you’ve plenty of reading material to keep yourselves entertained on the bus and train into school/uni/work (hey, doesn’t everyone read Simming legacies on their tablets and smartphones when commutting? Well don’t they?).

Abe Blinken, bringing back the smexxxy into Simming.


Anyway, she’s been plugging her blog over on the EA forum, and the following piece caught our eye:

Hitting the ground running, quickly falling flat on his face and struggling to stand up and keep pace within a fast moving environment… yep, sounds like a pretty good metaphor for Sims 4 to us!