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Karritz’s Isla Paradiso Bunch

Posted in Uncategorized on August 28, 2017 by themaresnest

Long overdue we mentioned this one, as we think the likes of CravenLestat and Sharkloverplayer may find one or two things appealing…

Yes, that gag was a bit obvious even for us!

There is some passing drug references in her storylines however, or at least it appears to be to us:

For the making of ‘elixirs’ you say? We dread to think what sort you have in mind, especially considering the mention of ‘a few parties’ and ‘deaths’. Remember kids, just say ‘no’.


You sure that’s not a trapped sneeze Meryl’s trying to get rid of instead, Karritz?

On the bright side, the offer to join Trump’s administration will be with her any day since he’s fast running out of toadies.


Anyway, something which may be of interest to you lot is earlier in the year Karritz featured this rather neat Carnival On The Water lot, and now you can get it for your own game.

No custom content, only EA Store, expansion and stuff packs required – here’s the link.