Lexers615 Posts In Vain, For Tenderwolf’s Long Bummed Off To Play With Real Dollies

Another day, another resurrected thread, this time one which afforded us some amusement at the time:

Afraid that Tenderwolf has left the Simming pack some time ago (the last signs of her Simming were in January this year, and that was for the Glitterturd) and you are more likely to find our Kendra her under her other online name to xoxardnekoxo (which sounds like a bloody processed food additive worth thirty eight in Scrabble) either geeking out on Dumblr or playing with her dollies on You Tube.

Can’t say we ever knew her much, except by some of the undesireable company she kept (Peacemaker_ic and his scum for one, Pierre1/FriendlySimmer’s apologists for two…), but all the same…


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