KaikoMikkusu Finally Goes Too Far And Pisses Everyone Off

And so it came to pass that KaikiMikkusu proved that they simply couldn’t help themselves when they felt they weren’t getting enough attention:

To absolutely no one’s surprise, Simmers went mental, with PalmArrow, IreneSwift and Charlottesmom making it clear they were not one bit pleased at the official Wiki being filled with supposition (at the most charitable definition of what they’d done…).

Charlottesmom was only just warming up, and if KaikiMikkusu thought trying to bait them was a good idea, they quickly regretted it as she was in no mood to be nice to someone she felt was behaving with a selfishness most of us had hoped had gone for good from the Sims 3 community.

But that paled into insignificance in comparison to the roast ShojoDagger delivered:


KaikiMikkusu’s response was to do a broadsheet impression of MadameLee going off on one in the bad old days, but this didn’t hit the target with PalmArrow (yes, that was an obvious joke, and yes if her name had been PalmOlive we’d have said she wasn’t going to be soft soaped…)

Now you know that old saying about if you are in a hole you should stop digging?

Especially when you have just been threatened with being reported after pushing fellow Simmers too far?

Thank you InfraGreen, but your avatar is still bloody hideous.

Goulsquash did raise an interesting point about a clash of cultures (those who started their socialising on line via Dumblr as opposed to on the more structured format of an online forum), but the usual paragon of etiquette SimKeats made a very uncharacteristic swipe.

And then courtesy of Kusurusu, KaikiMikkusu’s chickens came home to roost:

Here’s what they were talking about:

As World Explorer Pary and (oh plumbobs, here goes…) 5782341b77vl pointed out, now they are known to have a history of trolling elsewhere not only on the official Sims 3 Wikia but on Carl and Pam’s forum, they’re never going to be given the benefit of the doubt again:

And in a rare moment of getting a grip on the situation, the Simgurus got a grip of matters in real time, closing the thread:

Well KaikiMikkusu, blowing or compromising every single relationship you’d built up on the EA forum in a few days of stupidity.

Not only the surest sign of bumnuggetry, but so old hat it almost counts as retro.

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