Simsmidgen’s Pile Of Complete And Utter Steaming Crap

You have to admire their brutal honesty!

Simsmidgen is an occasional Dumblrist whose forté is buildings which have seen better days without being outright ruins, and from what they’ve done so far they’re the best of the breed since the much missed CycloneSue of The Sims Resource dominated the niche.

Their latest – the Crappy Old Warehouse – is begging to be made into an unusual home, a squat, a student union, an alternative hang out, the possibilities are endless.

It starts off initially looking like a cross between the flats of Friends and The Young Ones, so easy enough to manipulate it into whatever ‘direction’ you want, or simply keep as it is.

With two floors to work with there’s equally the scope to have the upper floors for work and the downstairs for play – and everything’s been kept simple for you with all the custom content required being available in the download.

More crap please!


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