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Mikezumi’s Wardrobe Malfunctioning Manwiches

Posted in Uncategorized on December 4, 2017 by themaresnest

Another day, another episode of the Koogar Of Oz’s story ‘The Watcher’s Caretaker’ aka ‘The Malfunctioning Wardrobes’ for reasons which will soon become apparent.

‘Dad,’ Beckah said, ‘why must you flash your nipples at breakfast?’

‘Meh!’ her dad replied, ‘because I’m so freakin’ hawt and what’s the point of having so many huge windows if the neighbours can’t have a gander at my chest nuts?’

‘You catch twice as many fish if you’re flashing your chest berries at the same time – that’s scientific fact!’

‘I say Jared old boy, your nosh nozzles are looking frightfully perky today!’

‘Why thank you, Jensen! I always rub them down with a solution of sugar soap and Viagra first thing in the morning to keep my rug rivets standing to attention.’


Speaking of showers, we think Mikezumi could be doing with a cold one in the not too distant future!